Metal Polishing 
Sink Damage Repair
 We specialize in metal polishing services for various steel manufacturing industries. Our main polishing applications are abrasive polishing and buffing, however subsequent cutouts and grain direction processes can be applied. Stainless steel is our most commonly used substrate however we are capable of polishing aluminum, copper, Inconel, titanium, and clad metals, and can be contacted for custom metal polishing projects. We utilize advanced equipment including plate finishers, reciprocating plate and bar machines, OD pipe polisher, buff machine, tank head and specialized hand polishers. Our finish grades vary from grinding (#3) to mirror (#8) with grit designations from 50-320 for an extra fine finish. This allows us to produce surface finish ranges from 1 µm to 150 µm.
Hard Surface Repairs 
 Scratches, dents, cracks, marks, even just fatigued surfaces, can be made good or rejuvenated by our fully trained, uniformed technicians; Royal Repair can even resurface items in a different colour to the original, giving a fresh new look to dated paint schemes. Whether the cause is impact, staining, contamination, burning, vandalism or accidental damage in construction or installation, Royal Repair can make any surface look as good as new. Against replacement, we can do the work in less time, and at less cost, benefiting both you and the environment.
Respray and Resurfacing 
Damage Repair
Resurfacing is a generic term which covers the application of a new surface to a substrate or old surface. Royal Repair carries out complete resurfacing, from bathroom suites and ceramic tiles to whole building facades or curtain wall. Royal Repair can even resurface items in a different colour to the original, giving a fresh new look to dated paint schemes. Royal Repair are experts in antique sanitary ware restoration and we are the first port of call for many management professionals working on listed and heritage buildings. Royal Repair can source and apply coatings for specialist applications, for example; anti graffiti, fire retardant or other specific requirements. In a domestic environment, resurfacing of a bath is more commonly known as re-enamelling. This is a misnomer as re-enamelling is a heat based process and can only be done in a factory. Resurfacing will give new life to your item saving you the cost and trouble of replacement.
Cleaning  various stains and Grafiti
Door Damage Repair
 Royal Repair has been requested on a number of occasions to undertake the rejuvenation of faded or degraded surfaces. Royal Repair are normally called in when specific project requirements or restrictive practices are present that cannot be dealt with by the more traditional cleaning companies, or when the products generally available are not up to the job. This has meant that Royal Repair are now embracing this market under the Specialist cleaning banner. Such projects as internal stone cleaning and restoration of churches and monastaries where traditional water jetting or sand blasting are out of the question has meant us developing a process with our European partners using a cleaning latex which when applied draws the dirt from the stone. In 2009 whilst on a refurbishment project in Birmingham undertaking repairs and resurfacing to lift doors windows and office doors and areas, Royal Repair was asked to look at some samples of cleaning provided by contractors for the external restoration of the 21 storey mosaic tile covered building. Asked if we could improve on the ‘lack lustre’ samples and following some research and process development Royal Repair were awarded the contract to clean the whole building. The results were and remain startling and having proved our capability we were then also awarded the powder coated window resurfacing as well as façade glass