Powder-Coated Surfaces


To get perfect finish and to hide all pin holes, cut pellets, fixing holes and damages on door architraves our French polishers will do the job if it’s oak or any other solid wood. However to get the very best finish on powder coated MDF architraves we will need to provide full respray services. Our team is always ready to carry out preparation and full respray services in London on weekdays or weekends. Here is few pictures from our recent job in London’s city. There we had to prepare and respray some 9010 paint powder coated door frames to achieve best results for these newly built offices. We can repair scratches dents and chips to any damaged powder coated IPS Panels, Cladding, Window frames, Doors or any other items. Not always Powder coated surface damages needs full respray, most damages are repaired just effected area.

IMAG0550ips panel hole repairchipped ips panel repair

bALCONY DORWindow frame holes repairgatwick1gatwick 2London ips panel holes repairDamaged ips panel repair


door architrave chip repair



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