Kitchen cupboard door

Royal Damage Repair Specialists are there to help you when you need us. So if you need those chips, scratches, dents or any other damages repaired give us a call or fill enquiry form. We would like to point few call outs.
First one was Emergency kitchen cupboard Door chip repair in North East London. One desperate housewife made right choice to call us, while her husband haven’t return from work and find out about the damage. It would be impossible to find replacement for some kitchen cupboard doors, because most of them is not being made anymore and even if you find it – colour over years will be different.
Next Call out was booked by one Kitchen supplying and fitting Company in South West London. They fitted beautiful kitchen units, worktops and appliances, but received one cupboard door with hole for different fitting. Instead of delaying job finishing for 6 weeks their Manager called our repairs man to repair it. Everyone was very happy about the quality of our Services. We were also pleased to repair few extra damages from snag list.